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performance maximized by
fans' Collective Intelligence

IQollectiv is THE engagement solution (App, SaaS, datascience) listening to fans on topics they really want to be heard about & making their ultra relevant collective intelligence useable for clubs in order to improve decisions and capabilities.

A virtuous circle of fan engagement, priceless data & monetization capabilities!


Involve fans, listen to what they really want to say, improve their engagement and make them be your ambassadors.



Improve business (and more) performances all together.


Better understand and satisfy supporters to increase their monetization and harness priceless new data


IQollectiv solution helps clubs to engage fans on numerous sports or "club's life" use cases they are eager to be finally listened to about.

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...and many other high value adding use cases


The Club, its partners and its fans create and manage their communities within the solution and post many relevant, representative and engaging contents,  directly on their social networks.

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IQollectiv solution is also a business platform. It enables the club to directly monetize fans and partners (digital programs). It as well enables revenue optimization from club's and partners' products, while rewarding the supporter.

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Clubs and Partners, thanks to IQollectiv Saas and APIs, analysing and transcribing gathered fans' contributions, get a clear and profitable access to priceless marketing data, sports ultra-relevant insights... helping business and sports decision-making.

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Create differentiating and profitable added values thanks to large scale collective intelligence ...


"Methods and systems for making the views and reasoning of a community intelligible and actionable."

It is a scientifically proven reality involving a rigorous methodology to ensure the quality of individual contributions and aggregation by a mathematically reliable and structured system.

... and IQollectiv Technology©
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Technology & Expertise

(Registered) Algorithm for Collective Intelligence applied to team sports

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FANS white-label front-end platform

  • Interoperability

App (IOS, Android), API

  • White-label Solution

100% customizable (coulors...)

  • User experience

Design focusing on the quality of the data gathered for collective intelligence​​ & the pleasure provided to fans (gamification...)

  • Iqollectiv expertise

Use cases rigorously built to enable collective intelligence

  • Contents & communities automanagement

The platform is designed to make supporters and partners the main players in its animation

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Club/partner back-end Saas platform

  • Dedicated Saas visualization and CI analysis modules

Marketing, NPS, client knowledge, sports points of view ... 

  • Scalability et reactivity

State of the art proprietary and open-source tech stack

  • Exportable

Granular and readable datasets

  • Integrability of data, via API

Compatible (in & out) with existing tools (CRM, CMS...)

Immediate and turnkey implementation.

Very low internal load for the club.