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THE platform, engaging and listening to supporters on topics they really care about, for a collective intelligence at the profit of their beloved club.

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It's inescapable.

A fan burns with the need to express himself and to be heard about what she/he loves: Football !

Being a fan

IQollectiv platform

Thanks to collective intelligence* and to the IQfoot platform, IQollectiv enables the entertaining, attentive and positive link between supporters & their beloved club.​

Fans finally take the place they desire thanks to a rational listening by the club. The institution therefore optimizes its whole business model. Partners benefit from increased visibility and relevant contents.

*Proven science and methodology enabling the convergence of intelligences and knowledges of a large number of people to solve a common problem. IQollectiv proprietary algorithm applicable to team sports.

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Fans / Supporters

  • Find an expression channel, dedicated to their favorite club: IQFoot

  • Get involved and express themselves efficiently and positively, on the topics that truly interest them for their club (line-up, mercato, live, post-match, ambitions, predictions, jersey, anthem, logo, feelings...)

  • Animate their communities in line with social networks

  • Share on social networks personal & collective opinions

  • Are rewarded for their involvement, loyalty & relevance with status, roles and official prizes

  • Thrive through their passion for football & their club !

The Club

becomes a partner within a few days and thus:

  • Hears a streamlined and representative fans' voice

  • Actively engages a broader supporter base

  • Exploits value-added new data (incl. new CRM data,  representative overall and groups' collective options...)

  • Diversifies its business model with fans (direct & indirect B2C)

  • Enhances its audience & better monetizes its partners (B2B)

  • Gives sense & utility to crypto-assets, to the benefit of transactions volumes and holders' satisfaction

  • Promotes and relays its brand and its partners'

  • Plays its societal role in an inclusive & innovating way

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Become a partner

  • Access to IQollectiv white label solution and to the already engaged fan base (thanks to existing unbranded and unofficial existing apps), on simple request of the club, to affix its visual identity & access to all associated services (B2B monetization, link with the crypto approach, data, personalization console, etc.)

  • Collaborative turnkey and very light launching approach (tech, marketing, fan incentives, communication)

  • Very low implementation cost. No other cost.

  • Very low internal load for daily management: apart from regular posts (pre-written) on the club's social networks, the solution almost enables fans auto-animation, without risk.

  • Immediately profitable for the club (fan engagement, monetization of partners, booster of the fan crypto business model...)

  • Healthy, transparent and interests-alined partnership business model.

Become a partner



IQollectiv SAS

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Tel: +

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